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THE TIME FOR IT MODERNIZATION IS NOW AND ALWAYS – And hybrid cloud is the way to go


Your IT supports your business in all aspects of daily work. Making sure that you are using the best systems and up to date versions of your software and are running in an up to date system that will support your most valuable asset is critical. 

We do not leave you hanging, we will go with you on every step of the way: planning and budgeting, developing a timeline and executing the migration, we are here for you and we have experts for every field.  


Traditional desktop and laptop installation and deployment takes up a large amount of IT resources and time. It comes with the burden of having on-site staff expertise in areas including hardware, software licensing as well as a regular cadence of management, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Self-service technology combined with Azure Active Directory marks the start of a truly modern user experience and management approach.

Modernizing Windows deployment allows IT professionals to automate the deployment and management of new PCs. This creates the exciting opportunity to increase efficiency in ways that will save time, money, and ultimately free up IT resources to focus on new initiatives to drive your business forward.


As company databases continue to expand and become more complex, running these databases on-site means tedious work and unnecessary hardware costs. Cloud-based services like IaaS are one of the most fundamental layers of cloud computing, allowing IT to stay ahead of database growth. With these solutions, there is no need to buy rack and stack hardware. With just one click, companies can scale up or down depending on current business needs and pay only for what they use. From a business perspective, the most obvious benefit of moving infrastructure to the cloud is reduced costs and greater flexibility.

With these benefits comes the opportunity to leverage other cloud-based services and applications. We often see organizations take advantage of services such as Cloud Print, which lets employees print from wherever they are to any printer location with ease. Some other common applications that can move to the cloud include Exchange Online for secure and reliable email management, as well as SharePoint Online for streamlined collaboration among colleagues.


The “Dream State” of modern IT management is when a business operates on a fully cloud-managed platform. For most organizations, this state is not realistic in the present day. However, the cloud is where tomorrow’s technology will be built. Companies should begin acting now to transition their outdated legacy applications to cloud containers, so they can embrace the next level of innovation.

One area of management we often see moving to the cloud is active directory security policy management. Active Directory Group Policy management for individual users and computers is a time-consuming task; Synchronis-IT can help you manage both corporate and personal (BYO) devices. Taking it a step further, organizations can ultimately ditch on-premises Active Directory completely and move to using Azure Active Directory in the cloud.


​From initial design to major overhaul, integration to migration, Synchronis-IT is passionate about helping companies modernize their IT environment . We are also passionate about our clients. We strive to make each organization’s network to run smarter, faster, and more securely. It is our goal to be a reliable resource to ensure your organization’s infrastructure is working at optimal efficiency.


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"Synchronis-IT is too efficent for their own good.
I think we’re in a pretty good spot right now and take over the new system environment into the day to day operations "

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